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Cultivating the Business

Written by InHaus Media
Monday, 22 June 2009 18:07

Wagner’s foresters deal daily with more than 200 customers who buy wood to make lumber, furniture, plywood, paper, electricity, and a variety of other products. In each state, our foresters must comply with a wide range of regulations that includes standards for timber harvesting and road building, as well as for the protection of threatened and endangered species, other wildlife habitat, water quality, shoreland areas and wetlands.  On top of these regulatory requirements, they must adhere to the policies and procedures that assure conformance with our sustainable forest management certifications. Our foresters regularly interact with town, county and state officials, wildlife biologists, neighbors and tourists as part of the job.

Back in the office, Wagner’s technical staff makes sure the foresters have all the information they need, including up-to-date aerial imagery, inventory estimates, GPS coordinates and maps of every kind. Others make sure the cash flows correctly and quickly to investors and the contractor logging force. To this end, Wagner has filled a room in our converted farmhouse with an array of the latest technology, establishing seamless connections and data redundancy with our field offices.

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