Our Philosophy

For over 65 years,

Wagner has responsibly tended timberland investments for clients who expect solid economic performance and strong commitments to natural resource stewardship and the support of local communities.

From the start, Wagner understood the symbiotic relationship between forest management and long-term investment value. Today, Wagner continues to demonstrate a core commitment to the practice of sustainable forestry.

Wagner has built its record of success on its experience and expertise in forest management.

By mindfully balancing ecological concerns with economic performance, Wagner has proven that timberland investments can provide very strong returns, while conserving valuable natural resources and supporting local communities.

Meet the Team

Our History

The company was founded by Fred Wagner. Mr. Wagner was a pioneer in forming limited partnerships of high net worth clients interested in timberland investment. He made investments in properties in NH, NY, VT, ME, and Quebec.

Mr. Wagner passed in the early 1980s. Hank Swan led the company through a period of growth, becoming a regional partner with the Hancock Timber Resource Group. Wagner was able to execute cutting edge large scale working forest easement transactions in NY, VT and NH.

The company expanded to WV, KY, and Ontario. Wagner put in place conservation easements on over 600,000 acres in ME along with multiple land sales to conservations partners in ME, NH, and VT. Wagner achieved SFI certification for sustainable forest management.

The company established its first renewable energy project, 50.6 MW wind project in Roxbury, Maine. Wagner grew renewable energy support hosting multiple wind projects in NH, ME and Nova Scotia. Wagner achieved FSC certification for sustainable forest management on selected lands, and expanded to Nova Scotia.

Wagner has continued to work with conservation partners to protect important lands and expand working forest conservation easements.  We are advocating for carbon offset protocols and projects that will result in demonstrable reductions in atmospheric carbon.  We have also helped developers of commercial solar farms identify appropriate sites.