Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy aligns very well with the goals and values of our timberland clients.

Since 2007 Wagner has been at the forefront of responsible renewable energy development in New England and Nova Scotia. Well sited projects can generate pollution-free energy over the long-term with minimal impact upon the ecosystem.

Approximately 850,000 MWh of wind and solar energy is generated every year from projects on lands Wagner manages – enough to power about 130,000 homes in our region.

We are pleased to host wind energy projects in New Hampshire, Maine, and Nova Scotia, with a number of additional wind and solar projects currently under development.

Wagner currently manages the leases for a dozen operating energy projects with a focus on building strong tenant relationships to ensure continued success for both the landowner and operator. From a single wind turbine to hundreds of acres for solar farms, Wagner has successfully negotiated terms that keep the landowner’s interests protected while ensuring that the developer has the flexibility to remain responsive to the needs of their stakeholders.

Acting even more locally, we installed solar panels on the barn at our offices in Lyme, offsetting much of our electricity consumption.

Developers interested in building an energy project, and regional landowners looking to sell lands with developed renewable energy projects or the strong potential to host such projects should contact us.

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