Investment Management

We help our clients make successful timberland investments.

We have the experience and staff to analyze acquisition opportunities and to manage them after purchase. We handle all transactional accounting and provide budgeting, reporting, and tax preparation oversight for investments.

Please contact us to discuss our investment management services in more detail, or to inquire about our other services, including:

– Contract forest management for private timberland ownerships

– Purchase of stumpage in and around our operating areas

– Timber cruising and inventory

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Successful Timberland Investments

Each of our foresters focuses on managing every stand of timber appropriately and every harvest carefully. Our decentralized management, backed by thorough training, empowers them to make informed forest management decisions in the field.

Typically, we are one of the largest suppliers of wood to our customers. By directly marketing wood to various local and regional markets, we can leverage our scale of operations to maximize the return to our clients.

Our extensive land holdings allow us to work with a large, stable group of professional logging contractors who are vital to consistently meeting sustainable timber harvest expectations.

Working with many different groups over the last three decades, we have sold parcels with high conservation values, including some of the earliest working forest conservation easements in the nation.

Wagner has worked with renewable energy developers, commercial recreation interests, telecommunication firms, wild blueberry growers, and local entrepreneurs to augment revenue sources complementary to forest management.

Each timber investment is managed to produce operations cash flow from sustainable timber harvests and the sale of non-strategic lands, and at the same time preserve and grow capital through biological timber growth.